Play (for Medium)

Listen to Medium Stories with a Chrome Extension

About (for Medium) is a Free Chrome Extension to Listen to any article on Medium as an Audio Narration.

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- would love something equivalent for Wix blog

- would be great if you could somehow download the file and upload this as a podcast for iTunes and Android


easy, intuitive to set up, well explained, simple, like the accent options


voice a bit robotic, unnatural

@madmork My service (which I just recently released on PH) has the add podcast feed feature you're looking for and you can also download the converted files. I use Amazon Polly, which is great, but I like the UI of Play a lot better than what I have :)

At the time, this was fantastic. There was also a mobile app, but none of them work anymore. Also, since Medium added a native Audio option to articles published, hard to have a reason to not use that now.


Was useful before Medium added native audio


No longer works (since I last tried)

Can try a feature to match the speaker voice to match with the authors voice.


Speed, simple and intuitive to use


nothing much

that's a great suggestion