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Thanks @nivo0o0 for hunting Play. Actually, after the traction and the amazing feedback we got from launching the extension ( and our website on PH, we decided that this service shouldn’t be tied to a specific website or app, but every blog/publication on the internet should have it, exactly like how every article has a “like” or “tweet” button, it should also have a “listen” button. Users should be able to consume the content in the most convenient way at the moment. So we built a bunch of services that with almost zero effort any website or blog can use to enable audio for their text content. What Play can do for your Blog/Publication? 1- Get a “Play” button for every article at any List page of articles. e.g. check how Refind is using Play in their pages to allow their users to listen to articles ( 2- Get an Embedded audio Player at any article page in your blog. e.g. check how Fagner Brack is using it on his Medium article ( 3- Get a Podcast feed for all your articles. it will be updated automatically without any effort from your side. You can publish your feed on iTunes, SoundCloud, Google play, or just give to your readers to listen on their favorite podcasting app. 4- Turn your Weekly newsletter into audio. Get an audio version of your weekly newsletter, you can share with your readers, to consume the content in the most convenient way for them. Please let us know If you have any question or feedback.
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@ma7moudfelfel Hello 👋, my feedback would be to provide more information on the website because there is very little there & personally I am not willing to create an account just to learn more about the service. Also what is the pricing & if there is no pricing then how is this service supported?
@ma7moudfelfel This is great. I am hooked with Medium extension. Super excited to use this too. p.s. - login with twitter is not working.
@mrkhdly Thanks mark for the feedback, we are improving it, please let me know if you want to ask about anything? and we added a link to the pricing page please check it here
@ma7moudfelfel love it! Great work guys ;)
The popular Play for Medium extension now created a service that turns your articles (or any article) into a podcast. This could save a lot of people a lot of time...
I've been using to provide an embedded audio player for my Medium articles. Love what the team has done. The new features to create a podcast will open the door to people (like me) who've never considered starting a podcast. Excited to make podcasting more accessible. 😁
@kunalslab Thanks Kunal! Thanks for being our early user and supporter!
So cool! It's truly amazing what this team has been able to do. Can't wait to see what else they manage to comes next!
@gavindinubilo Thanks Gavin, please let us know if you have any suggestions, and spread the word, please :)
Good job! Can this be used in Wordpress and blogging sites ? Thanks 😊
@ayush_chandra It is made for blogging website, please tell us if you have any difficulties integrating it.