Plan 1.0

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Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
Tell us what the big updates are here since the post 10 months ago? The long-awaited iOS app is now out I see 😊 - what were the struggles in fitting such a sophisticated web-app into an app?
Morgan Salama
I've tried out more than 10 task manager, to-do and scheduling apps and this one just... blows it out of the water. I've been on the beta, so I admit it might take a few tries to figure it out but this app is the closest I've found to a "lifechanger".
Prabhu S
@prabhu1101 · Maker of stuff!
Could you increase the contrast on the text etc. Its very light hard to see and sometimes irritating
Marie Lotode Chandra
@marielchandra · Salesforce Consultant
This is great and I'm a fan but is there a way to sync tasks to and from another platform (trello, wunderlist, etc.)?
Paul Sturrock
@psturrock · Slingshot Venture Development
I've been using this since the beta came out. It's deceptively powerful. It forces you to address the fact that you are constrained by how many hours there are in the day, and you need to decide what will make a difference. Which means you need to admit what you won't get done.