A new way to download and share free design assets

#4 Product of the DayMarch 17, 2018

Pixelify is new way to share and download graphic design assets. Pixelify allows content creators to upload their own freebies. Whenever. Wherever. Creators also have full control over their assets and portfolio. On top of just downloading assets, users can leave reviews, ask questions, follow creators and create collections.

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Unique approach in this space @matspeter_forss :) What are some of the new things you plan on introducing soon?
@amrith Thanks for the comment and question :) There's a ton of new features in my mind for the future like suggested downloads based on followed authors and more other community tools as well. At this point, everything on the site is new as it has just been launched after a few weeks of beta testing. There have been 15k+ users on the site in the past 7 days and I'm looking to introduce the platform to a more and more wider audience in the design space. Pixelify is pretty unique, like you said, as it allows users to upload their own items after the user have once been approved. Of course, I curate everything on the site and keep the site clean of any misuse as its a community and not a traditional file sharing site. Everything is looking very sharp at this point and Pixelify is steadily growing both sides of the community :)
Awesome product! Love the stuff on the page! Where have you found the template for this page? Could I get it somewhere to launch similar community for marketing guys?
@mwarcholinski Thanks Matt :) It 's actually custom built and I've personally designed it all the way as I couldn't find any well-made templates. It's so hard to find good community templates as every community is unique and needs special features.
This is brilliant!
@scotty_bowler Thanks for the kind words Scott :)
Dude...loving this! Great resource site, adding to bookmarks now!
@emmanuel_kaska Thanks Emmanuel! I'm happy you love it :)
Looks an awful lot like Creative Market... is the content on Pixelify all submitted organically by the creators, or is some of it scraped from Creative Market? Are there plans to monetize?
@chrismessina It's all submitted by the authors or I've added items for them if they've been too busy or unable to do it by themselves. Nothing is scraped and all items are stored in Pixelify's server. Contributors have a full access to edit their items or delete them whenever they want. Creative Market has been one of the inspirations behind this idea as I've sold 1000s of items there myself and contributors are familiar with the overall usage of it. The design guidelines and features behind this platform are also drawn by the vibes of Airbnb, Amazon, and few other design sites in the field.
@matspeter_forss thanks! That's useful context! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป