Pixabay Images 3.0 for WordPress

Search and insert images directly within WordPress


Pixabay Images 3.0 for WordPress is a free plugin that lets you pick hi-res photos and cliparts from Pixabay and insert them quickly in your blockposts.

This plugin is released as free software under the GPLv2 license on WordPress.org

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10 Reviews5.0/5

I'm just stoked. Never knew this existed until I got a fly in on Pixabay website. Just getting started using it.


it's just RIGHT THERE.


I can't frame my photos as easily, which is sort of a signature for me, but I can always do it later.

Pixabay is my favorite place to find high-quality images for my blog. Their WordPress plugin allows you to add images right from the admin panel without going to any other browser window.


easy to find and add royalty-free images in your website


nothing serious