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#5 Product of the DayOctober 20, 2017

The Pixabay API provides free access to Pixabay's 1.2M outstanding CC0 images and videos. The API is completely free - it's simple to set up, can handle any volume of requests and is stable+reliable. All of Pixabay's official apps are powered by the API, including our iOS and Android mobile apps.

  • Pros: 

    Great photos, searching is easy. And it’s free. For start-ups and not for profits, this is invaluable.


    Not for free. And the paid ones are only marginally better.

    I animate primarily Pixabay photos in software such as Ripl or Lumen5 to create short animations for social media marketing. Takes the static imagery to the next level. I share this valuable resource with everyone!

    Lynn Teatro has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Lots of images to choose from. The WP plugin is convient too.


    It's still unclear the use license. Even though it lets you give credit to the photographer, you still have to leave the plugin to confirm.

    I've used Pixabay since the beginning. A few people I met on Squidoo (takes me back) were part of the development team. Because of that, I've stuck with Pixabay - watched them grow, and am very pleased to use their site for my stock images.

    SaraD. has used this product for one year.
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Simon Steinberger
Simon SteinbergerMaker@simonsteinbgr · CEO and main developer, Pixabay.com
Hello everybody,this API gives you access to over 1.2 million photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and videos - for free. Any content is released under CC0 - free to use for anything you like, even for commercial purposes. We proudly present the first API on the market that offers free search and downloads of a ton of outstanding CC0 *videos*. You can even embed the video URLs directly in your apps and projects. Let us know your feedback :-)
Ross Blankenship
Ross Blankenship@rossblankenship · Startup Expert, Technology Advisor
Looked into this one, but our team prefers https://unsplash.com ! The use case for Unsplash is more clear and the community is stronger. There's potential here, but at this point not sure if it competes beyond a wider collection of file types which look like clip art.
Simon Steinberger
Simon SteinbergerMaker@simonsteinbgr · CEO and main developer, Pixabay.com
@rossblankenship Actually, Pixabay has been around for much longer than Unsplash and offers far more images - and also videos. The Pixabay community is the largest of its kind - unrivaled by any copycat site. And you can simply filter by file type, both with the API as well as on the website.
Iulia Melnicenco
Iulia MelnicencoMaker@iulimel25 · Pixabay
Thanks Chris Dev (@chris_86) for the review. We always ready to hear your feedback. Chris, you've tried our API, so it's really important for us to know, how you like it. And your Tizen App (http://www.tizenstore.com/main/g...) is really cool!