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#3 Product of the DayDecember 16, 2017

Pixabay Images 3.0 for WordPress is a free plugin that lets you pick hi-res photos and cliparts from Pixabay and insert them quickly in your blockposts.

This plugin is released as free software under the GPLv2 license on WordPress.org

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Alexander Isora 🦄
Dana Tentis
David Movsisyan
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  • Pros: 

    it's just RIGHT THERE.


    I can't frame my photos as easily, which is sort of a signature for me, but I can always do it later.

    I'm just stoked. Never knew this existed until I got a fly in on Pixabay website. Just getting started using it.

    Jodi Avery has used this product for one day.


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Simon Steinberger
Simon SteinbergerMaker@simonsteinbgr · CEO and main developer, Pixabay.com
Hi folks, with this WordPress plugin you can comfortably search Pixabay from within your post editor and download+embed any image with just a single click. With our latest edition, the plugin has received a fresh and modernized look, larger preview images, more settings - including a SafeSearch filter option, endless scroll, and a lot more. If you're using WordPress, check it out and let us know what you're thinking :-) Cheers, Simon + the Pixabay team
Sarankumar TR
Sarankumar TR@sarankumar · Lead Developer @ Yatramantra
@simonsteinbgr super awesome!! Thanks from Kerala ,India :)
Mile Rosu
Mile Rosu@milero · CEO, Presslabs
@simonsteinbgr Hi Simon! If we want to contribute to the plugin with a few fixes, how could we go about it? I do not see a github repo or a place to make a pull request. Thanks and cheers!
Stan  Williams
Stan Williams@stanssongs · freelance web developer
@simonsteinbgr I Love it!
🤔@_selcukahmet · Co-Founder (Also founder) of Nothing
That's coooooool man! 🤜🏻
Hans Braxmeier
Hans BraxmeierMaker@hansbraxmeier · CEO and founder of Pixabay.com
Carelia@careninalis · In love with photography
Really great plugin! Thanks pixabay
Iulia Melnicenco
Iulia MelnicencoMaker@iulimel25 · Pixabay
@careninalis Great that you like it
Артем Вареница
Артем Вареница@artiom_varenitsa · Freelance Journalist, Blogger
The plugin is really fast. It saves me tones of time using it on my blog.
Iulia Melnicenco
Iulia MelnicencoMaker@iulimel25 · Pixabay
@artiom_varenitsa Welcome, we'll do all our best!
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job !!😊
Iulia Melnicenco
Iulia MelnicencoMaker@iulimel25 · Pixabay