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Hmm I'm not sure your tagline makes sense (maybe its just me?!) [EDIT: previous tagline was 'Browse products described pithy' - just so I dont look like a lunatic!] Where are you sourcing these products and taglines from?
@bentossell since this is our first launch we copied them from some startup lists (to make actually work), however, the idea is that people submit headlines themselves.
@igorpavlov once someone submits their tagline does it need to get approval from you before it lands on the site? Im telling you from experience that fixing taglines daily is a lot tougher than it looks/seems ;) btw - I still dont think your tagline makes any sense?
@bentossell indeed it may become tough work :) so our approach is to use community moderation along with reviews from administrative side and some automation. When you follow the link and it comes out that product is not really relative to the tagline, you can simply report it with "not exactly what I expected" button. This will be counted as down-vote and will fall in a moderation queue eventually.
Pithy is a new way to browse latest products by concentrating on their headlines only. This allows viewers to read faster and motivates submitters to write better headlines. You cannot upload media - just sharp, clean, pithy messages (like ones you use for elevator-pitches). When you open the app you see a product’s headline. If it doesn’t sound interesting to you - skip it and see a next one. If you like it, click a heart button to vote and reveal a link. Click the link to view the product’s website. Now if you find the product useful - save it to your list. Simple. Now the unique part 💎 Products are never listed - you view them one by one “randomly” (actually almost randomly according to our algorithm). You cannot search for the product or get a direct link - this makes voting extremely fair. For products which get a certain amount of votes the link is shown automatically as a reward. Feel free to explore it, submit products, have fun and share your ideas with us. We hope you’ll love Pithy and its concept!
Great idea! helps to get inspiration for new ideas. Also in the future might be worth adding a paid tinder-like scroll back button :)
@ekaterinaklink thank you! Great idea about scroll back - we will definitely look into it. And probably even into super-like concept ; )
Really like this. Pithy forces you to think about clearest and quickest way to describe your company or product. Like a t-shirt slogan or a banner but with a direct link to site. Ours: "Shop products that look great, taste great and do good."
@thisbecause Thanks Zoë! That's a really sweat piece of feedback there. I hope you already submitted your tagline to Pithy? :)
@igorpavlov yes have submitted and then shared on twitter. Would be nice if there was an auto social share like... "I've just pitched on Pithy" :)
@thisbecause Woohoo! Just approved your tagline, you will see traffic from Pithy soon :) Thanks for social buttons suggestions - definitely a great idea!
@igorpavlov great news, thanks and looking forward to discovering lots of new products on Pithy
I suggest href'ing the tagline. Made me miss a couple of products until I realised I had to click on the heart.
@janahrend Thank you for the feedback. We shall fix it asap! We got also an idea to allow users to see the previous product.