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hey guys, pretty fun idea. here's the premise: One founder Two investors Once a week, for an hour The founder can pitch their idea & explain the biggest challenges they face - and get real, bullshi*t free feedback from real angel investors or vc's. No idea if this will work (add value to the entrepreneur and people watching, but since there's not a lot of transparency when it comes to pitches/feedback/mentorship between entrepreneurs and investors, so I'm excited to see what happens. This will be powered by blab, which will allow anyone can tune in and watch/learn from the session.
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@shaanvp Interesting idea, just signed up. And will give you guys feedback. Thanks Shaan for sharing!
@shaanvp Neat idea, how are you getting investors interested in blabbing?
@shaanvp If you want no BS than get Guy to do one! :)
@rossdcurrie @shaanvp pulling favors at first. Most investors like helping entrepreneurs, so it's not too hard of a sell.
@soroushg_ @shaanvp I put out the word already :)
I'm game, have signed up :) Couple of thoughts: 1, An hour is probably fairly long, I'd split it in to 30 minutes with 2 Founders (same investors) 2, I presume you will curate them to try and find the best Founder/Investor matches (e.g Helpa talking to people investing in the Pharma industry is probably a waste of time)
@tonylucas Agreed, may split the timeslot up a bit more. And yes will try to match investors/founders based on area of expertise
Can't wait for this, this is what every founder needs, a chance to observe and get in to the heads of investors. You da man Shaan!
This is cool, I can see scaling issues, we felt the pain and we had a product that was self server. I feel like we started a pitching revolution with founderfox, wait until you see what we do next with it.
@koridhandy Not really trying to scale this. It's just a once a week show for an hour. Not trying to create a marketplace for entrepreneurs and investors. Excited to see what's next with FF (link to a demo?)
@shaanvp @koridhandy yes, its a tough battle, founders get scared to pitch to VCs and keep saying "I'll pitch tomorrow" but never do. We have some other really good ideas that we are implementing in the app this month. We have also decided to build a fully dedicated website too, just finished the designs now working on the front end. I can't link any demo videos of the new stuff because its on the DL mainly because we feel its a game changer. But feel free to download the current app in the store. All the best dude.
Love this positioning for the Blab platform, @shaanvp. You should have @Jason judge. He doesn't hold back but delivers his honest opinion respectfully. πŸ˜€ P.S. check out Founderfox (cc @koridhandy, @_mitchellporter)
@rrhoover I bet if I make @jason a paper entrepreneur we could sway him. 😏
@rrhoover Ooh good call. *fires up the @jason batsignal*
thanks @rrhoover, and hey @shaanvp best of luck with this, we are actually pivoting away from just pitches based off what we have figured out with ff. The new Founderfox will be ready late July, keep you posted.