Your Uber and Lyft rides visualized

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I've always wanted this to exist. All the data is in our email. Going further out into the future if many people start using this, it can become a customer acquisition and even retention channel for ride services.
@hnshah this is great! Could help a lot of people have a better awareness around this kind of spending. I'd offer another angle on this... a potential source of revenue, would be generating this data for drivers (broken down by month) to help them with keeping track of income for filing taxes. Has a strong value prop - esp if you can offer such an easy way to visualize where they (we) are getting consistent trip volume, so they (we) can maximize earnings.
This is a cool idea, but I can't help but feel allowing access to all email is a bit too much for most users. Like Utku said, I feel like forwarding receipts to an automated email box would be better. Also, that opens the app up to everyone, not just those using Gmail.
Only 21 of my 114 rides would load.
great design; great idea. I look forward to seeing @zainjaffer's stats. He's the #1 Lyft rider with over 600 rides. Quick question: why's it only showing my history back to March 2014? I was taking rides (and have the receipts in my gmail) since 2011. oh and bonus points if you add a leader-board.
@zainjaffer @_jacksmith @bramk leaderboard would be really interesting! @_jacksmith some of the older receipts are not supported yet, that's why you see your history back to March 2014.
@zainjaffer @_jacksmith I think that my 383 rides are overwhelming the DOM because I can't view them on the map.
Very cool idea. I imagine you discussed the mental barrier of email access to use the service many times. Have you considered letting people forward Uber/Lyft receipts to a unique email address you provide as an alternative?
@utku Hi Utku, thank you for taking your time and trying Pistats.io. Yes, we are planning to introduce feature which will allow you to add just simple forwarding rule to your emails with receipts and forward them to pistats.io, which will take care for all the heave lifting. Please follow us on @pistatsio for more information.