Makes it easy to run great meetings

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Tine Schaer Popp
@tine_schaer_popp · Communication geek
Looks great! Less time wasted at meetings!
Michael Flarup
@flarup · Northplay, Pixelresort, Robocat.
If only more people had used something like this in the countless wasted meetings I have been in. It's a great team working on optimising one of the most wasteful areas of business imo. Oh and they have a free version so it's easy to try out.
Vítek Uličný
@vitek_ulicny · Owner @ Rascasone.com
After you run your first meeting with Pinstriped, you will see, how wrong you did your meetings before. After you do three meetings with Pinstriped, you will get addicted to this app :)
Anshu Raghuvansi
@anshuraghuvansi · Lead mobile developer
No more meetings without knowing the agenda.. nice app
Although I haven't tried it yet on a "real" meeting, the app seems intuitive and looks really great! I know a lot of products like this start off only in some selected countries and then expand, so I was wondering if the service is open globally right now? Also, is there a size limit on the attached files (sorry if I missed that somewhere :))?