Digital business card


Ping is a simple way to exchange information with people you meet - a digital business card if you will. However this is just the foundations for a personal CRM - a tool that will help you keep on top of and organise your network.

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I’ve seen several business card-like apps over the years. Ping is probably the best executed version of this, although it doesn’t quite meet my needs.

After entering someone’s email, it adds them as a contacts within the app; however, these contacts are only accessible on mobile (iPhone), housing only a small subset of people I know. I’m seeking a more comprehensive tool to use as a personal CRM of all the people I know, indexed, categorized, and easy to update. Ping isn’t that (yet!?) but for those looking to simply replace the business card exchange ritual, this is the best solution I’ve found.


Simple, clean design. Automatically captures social info.


Doesn’t (currently) work well for those seeking a personal CRM

Great contact tool that I remembered when I ran out of business cards at an event.


Easy to Use Business Card


Auto import leads into CRM