Ping is a simple way to exchange information with people you meet - a digital business card if you will. However this is just the foundations for a personal CRM - a tool that will help you keep on top of and organise your network.

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UPDATE: We're now called >we and we just launched our 2.0 update over here! _____________________________________ Thanks for the hunt Murat! And hey everyone! Excited to launch the first product from Wurqs today! Ping was born from a personal frustration with having a super computer in my pocket, and not having a simple way to exchange information with the people I meet. We’ve seen so many people sending others blank emails as a way to connect, and knew there must be a way to capitalise on that behaviour. By entering just one email address, Ping does the following: Share - Sends your new contact your personal profile via email, which includes a selection of customisable prompts to inspire new conversation or further connections Learn - Discover more about the person you met and the company they work for, as well as one click to find them on alternative social networks Tracks - Explore your connections by when you met them, and add notes to each contact as reminders as you see fit We would love any and all feedback, this is obviously just the start of this product, we're still learning, so look to the community for their support. Here to answer any questions all day. Carl
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@carlmartin This is really clever, congrats on the launch. Sign up was very smooth, looking forward to using this soon.
@kleneway Thanks Kevin! Really love to hear. We've worked hard to make sure people can create a profile as quickly as possible - so glad it shows!
@carlmartin I really enjoyed that "new contacts by date" view, and the overall UX is sweet. Really pops from the digital business card apps out there. Great to see some more London tech here too!
@davedri Thanks David! Chuffed to represent London tech on Product Hunt :)
@carlmartin can't wait to use this at SXSW. would love to be able to share my card from apple wallet!
I used this for the first time last night and while I've seen a ton of "next gen" business card apps, this is the best execution I've seen. Any plans to support integrations with zapier, IFTTT, or Airtable, @carlmartin? I'd love to integrate this with a CRM I'm building inside Airtable.
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@rrhoover Dude. First off, thank you for such an amazing compliment! First slide of the deck when we try and raise :D As for your question, totally. We want to supplement, not replace other experiences. We have no interest in being a CRM, but want to help feed into what people use. We'll be experimenting some hacky options with power users, so I will keep you in mind if you fancy being one :)
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@carlmartin keep me posted! Would love to try it out. Also cc'ing the CEO of Airtable, @howietl.
@rrhoover @carlmartin +1 for Zapier support. I current use a similar system ti this but instead Typeform (I have a basic form I use by default, but then customise it for larger conferences/events where I'll likely meet more people) combined with Zapier. The zapier part is essential as lets me extract emails to spreadsheets for reporting, passing into email lists, and a bunch of other stuff. Would be curious if there are any advantages of Ping over using this Typeform/Zapier combo?
@rrhoover @carlmartin I agree feels very natural
@rrhoover You're building a CRM inside of Airtable? Begs the question...why? I ask genuinely, although over the internet it could look sarcastic, because I have my own issues with existing CRM's. But, is it for fun, or because nothing meets your needs, others too bloated or lack features? Also, are you so far able to accomplish what you're wanting to in Airtable for a CRM?
as mainly Android user, interested in release date?
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@mcmarsh Hey Matt - you certainly aren't the first to ask :) As a bootstrapped company, had to focus our efforts for now, but we hope we would be able to release an Android version before we hit summer. Will keep you updated :)
@carlmartin thanks for reply - glad to hear positive comments that it is on the cards :)
@carlmartin @mcmarsh It'd be great to find out when you do release the Android version. Maybe you could create a basic landing page where we can add ourselves to an email list for product updates?
Onboarding was smart Carl, the data pulled in about contacts clever too. Nice, wish you all The success with this, we still need to have that ☕️ too.
@nickclement Thank you sir! Hope it proves a useful tool for you! Will follow up with you on email chap about that coffee!
@carlmartin do you pull in contact info with Clearbit or?
@thinker Exactly that sir! We were going to build proprietary, but speed, quality and ease of integration of Clearbit made it seem silly to try build bespoke for now! Ambition to move away in longer term however.