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Hey Hunters! I am excited to celebrate the launch of Ping with all of you. Ping is the world’s smallest GPS locator for kids, pets, drones, bikes, luggage – or anything that moves. Not only is it the smallest, it's also the longest range, longest battery life global (GPS) locator out there. Ping is IP68 Waterproof, Rechargeable, Attachable, with One Touch Check-in, SOS Alerts, and a Data Plan included for the entire first year. It also have a battery life that is measured in weeks and months, not days like other GPS solutions on the market. Personally, I love bluetooth trackers, like Tile and TrackR, for finding things that fall behind cushions or car seats, like keys or wallets. I use a bunch of them. But the reality is that after 35 feet they don't work well so if you are trying to locate something very important, or something that moves, like kids or drones, you need a different solution. The GPS trackers that already exist are large, have expensive data plans, track your every movement & need to be recharged every few days. We wanted something else, something simple and practical and less intrusive. Having global coverage and long-lasting battery in such a tiny device so that you can quickly locate anything important is the goal for that type of practical solution, and that's what we've done with Ping. We’re excited to see all the different ways people use a truly global, personal locating solution. Be among the first to experience Ping, and check it out at PingGPS.com to learn more and pre-order. We're excited to hear what you think. Get in touch at hello@pinggps.com or drop a comment here! I'm always just a Ping away. - Josh
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@jlippiner love this. I backed tile without reading the fine print and was pretty bummed out by the "warmer / cooler" concept (rather than a map marker telling me where the F it is). I may just have to give Ping a try!
@jlippiner @pinggps Hello! The product seems exciting. Congrats on the successful campaign. Just one comment around the comparison chart - The chart gave me an impression that there is no fee given by the "No" in the "monthly fee" attribute. It was only clear after I checked the indiegogo page that there is indeed an yearly fee - though the first year is off. But other than that, looks like a really great product. Love the idea of double tap SOS feature. :)
@mathakoot @pinggps Thanks for the note. It's hard to convey everything in that chart. We tried "first year free" but that confused people with Tile and other things. The fact is that we believe in the value of Ping so much that we give people the first year to try it out without having to pay for the cell plan so for that first critical year there are no monthly fees when all our competitors have fees. The rest of the page (hopefully) clarifies the chart further.
@jlippiner @pinggps I guess I'll be the Downer Dude here and ask how solid your delivery dates are, etc. Not being contrarian, simply burned by one (or 5!) too many in the past :). It truly does look amazing and I'm probably about to hop on, despite my query, TBH!
@rgoodwin @pinggps Hi! They are pretty solid. We have been working on this for some time and have everything all set to go (tech, parts, BOM, manufacturer, etc). Simply need to tool the line, order components and deliver. Of course, there are a million things out of our hands in that but we are doing the best we can to mitigate. Completely understand if you want to wait until we start delivering to order - but I can't promise access to the same pricing or perks :)
I'm extremely skeptical that the battery will last months because of the small form factor. According to their page the battery "...will last for anywhere from 3 weeks to months depending on your settings." I'd expect the vast majority of use cases to be on or below the lower end of that estimate. How long will it last if you put it on a bicycle as pictured and commute 30 minutes twice a day with that bike every day? Intuition tells me less than a week.
@tdd I'd like a comment on this from the founder
how do manage to provide data coverage reliably and globally? there is a built in SIM card? you pay the data in advance?
@jlippiner Which carrier are you partnering with?
@chubert hey. Unfortunately I'm not legally allowed to say but it's one of the big guys so extremely reliable
@jlippiner @chubert btw we can offer you very cheap roaming data plans in every country if actual.
This tech is way overdue! Finally someone taking advantage of the opportunity.
Can you guys add a constant charging solution if you want to put it in a vehicle for example.