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Bookkeeping for startups, powered by humans and software


Pilot is a bookkeeping company that focuses on startups—with a twist. Their bookkeepers are assisted by software that automates the most error-prone pieces, so the books are always incredibly accurate. Kind of like having a cyborg army working for you, only way less scary.

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Ellen Chisa
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  • Ivo Parashkevov
    Ivo ParashkevovCo-founder, Charlie

    Clean books, high degree of automation to minimize errors, responsive team.


    They don't do tax accounting yet - you still have to find another accounting firm for year's end.

    In my mind, this is the best option for startup bookkeeping right now. It's already pretty good, and bound to only get better as more of it gets automated. To my pleasant surprise, the (human) team was very responsive in answering questions or addressing concerns as things popped up.

    Ivo Parashkevov has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Fixed recurring pricing, clean books, great service & staff


    They are the only AI + Bookkeeping game in town (that I know of), not Cons to note yet!

    We elected to use Pilot at Parabol a couple of months ago. Switching to them has been easy. On-boarding a cinch. And, their non-robotic colleagues were able to suggest some great changes to our chart of accounts. Would recommend!

    Parabol has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Thorough, responsive, zero hassle, overdeliver on service


    None yet

    Pilot is a no-brainer for startups. The founders are extremely empathetic to the fact that you want to spend as little time as possible managing your books. Their staff is extremely on-top of things, smart, resourceful, responsive, etc.

    For example, I asked them to accelerate some work in advance of a board meeting, and one of the founders followed up directly on the thread to make sure it would happen. And BTW, immediately after the board meeting the investors asked what bookkeeping service I use so they could recommend it to the rest of their portfolio.

    Keep up the good work!

    Ankur Goyal has used this product for one year.