Pillow Talk by Little Riot

The next best thing to lying in bed with your loved one.

@joannasaurusrex I've always wondered, what was the catalyst for creating this product?
@mattlanham Hey Matt, thanks for your question. We noticed that all existing methods of digital communication involve actively engaging with your smartphone or laptop. We wanted technology to let us "sit in the same room" as someone and experience their company :) I'm also in a 6+ year long-distance relationship myself!
Great product invented by @joannasaurusrex, if you've ever been away from your loved one from long periods of time then you'll love this. Keep up the good work!
Looks like a really interesting product - congratulations on getting this far @joannsaurusrex (great handle!). I expect quite a few long-distance relationships will be across time zones and therefore people probably won't be sleeping at the same time - how does this work in that case?
@_jamesmundy Hey James. We get asked this a lot :) The wristband connects to your phone via Bluetooth so if, for example, one person is at their desk at work and their partner is in bed, they can still wear the wristband/send their heartbeat to their partner. A lot of people are asking for a "record" function, so when they go to bed they can play their partner's "night of sleep" back, so we're looking at implementing this too.
@joannasaurusrex @_jamesmundy Cool, I think that would be a good approach! Congratulations on reaching your goal - best of luck getting the product to backers!