The best way to organize your colors

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There's loads of nice color pickers for the Mac. But Pikka not only looks great but has a cool way of handling sets for projects too. A welcome addition to any devs color-box.
@t55 Looks great! Is there an option to hide the menubar icon so it runs in stealth mode like Paste and Moom?
@mannyorduna Not yet. But my guess is it will be an option pretty soonish. The dev's working hard on new features..
It looks like Paste (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) but for colors
@nhuebecker 1st thing I thought of as well and I'll have to say I love how paste unobtrusively overlays on top of the screen rather than another application window. Combine this with its stealth mode and it really is just a pure extension of your Mac.
If it were free, maybe I would try it...
I tried it but I can't make it work properly. There is no way to insert a color manually and the picker always pick the wrong color. Also it doesn't work on multiple monitors, it always picks black :( Really a great idea but too many limitations for me.