Find and compare prototyping tools for digital design

Pikatool is a website to compare prototyping tools for digital design

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Thanks for hunting this @chrismessina! that was a big surprise! Here's an overview: I made Pikatool really quickly, within a week without any proper testing or planning - kind of whilst procrastinating, so you can call it a prototype! It's far from perfect which is why I have the chat integration, through which anyone can quickly suggest changes and improvements. Overall, it's just to give a quick visual overview of the landscape of prototyping tools available. Next steps are to add the tools being suggested by people, improve the rating system so that it's based more on facts as well as opinion/judgement, and then take it beyond design/prototyping. Anyway, hopefully it's useful as it is - suggestions and criticism welcome ✌🏽 cheers!
@graeme_fulton I stumbled upon it somehow (while trying to decide which tool I might buy) and thought it should get some broader attention! 😋
@chrismessina ah I see, well it's certainly got more attention now 😂, and lots of feedback has been coming through for changes. When I get chance after work I'll get a public Trello board going with the queue of tools to add, improvements to make 🔨🔨🔨 and easier collaboration!
Great tool! Would you please also add meta data for each one to show which OS they support?
@wowmottie good idea, will get this added too - thanks for suggesting
Found some great tools through this. Thank you!
@treggify glad it helped :))
Awesome collection of prototyping tools and Pikatool is really helpful. As we are doing prototyping of apps, this helped a lot to find the best tools for the job.
Can we suggest adding MockFlow - https://mockflow.com to your list of tools ? It provides wireframing and click-thru-prototypes
@pbramtech on the list to be added 👍🏽 thanks :)