PickedMail - Inbox that learns

Your personal AI, picking only the emails you care about.

As you pick and unpick emails, your personal AI learns and adapts, eventually saving your time! Read receipts let you know when your emails are read.

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What makes it different from the other email solutions? Dope🚬
@dredurr Let me know if the below description answers your question.
Sounds like a neat idea. What about e-mails that "it" thinks I don't care about, does it delete it?
@basilfarraj It put it under 'Others' tap! PickedMail doesn't deletes emails by itself.
@kedan_li great! Thanks for the answer. Vote up!!
Hello Product Hunt, and thanks to @kwdinc for publishing us! We created PickedMail in order to solve the problem that today’s email AI are not yet personalized or modifiable. They don’t classify emails in the exact way you wish and don't allows you to teach them, so people still have to setup their own rules and filters. Instead of using one omnipotent deep neural network, PickedMail build a personal AI solution! Each user is backed up by a unique AI model, that gets retrained frequently so it’s always synced with user’s latest preference. Your AI only learns from the your behavior and you can teach the AI how it should behave. In the first prototype, PickedMail. The functionality is yet simple, picking out the emails you personally care about and place them in a different tab from the unimportant emails. The initial classification is based on average people’s preference. However, if you think an email under ‘Picked’ tab is in fact unimportant, you can easily correct it with a swipe. As you work on your emails, the personal AI learns about your preference silently in the background, and classifies future emails in the way you prefer. Another cool aspect about PickedMail is that it overrides old behaviors with new ones. A real life example would be, while you were doing a job search, you subscribed to a bunch of job listing sites and recruiters. Once you found the job, these emails suddenly became useless, but they keep coming to your inbox. With personal AI, you simply drag a few of them into the ‘Others’ bucket and the AI learns and mark future emails of this kind as unimportant. As the learning is performed based on keywords extracted from the content, you’re relieved from the burden of manually unsubscribing to every sender. Besides personal AI, here are some of PickedMail’s features * Free email tracking * Fast read: When fast read is turned on, as you scroll, emails you've seen will be market as read after a period of time. This helps you go over emails quickly without missing any important one. * Synced with Gmail * Snooze And some links: App Store Link: https://appsto.re/us/xRPmkb.i Website: http://picked.email Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pickedm... Twitter: https://twitter.com/pickedmail Some Article: https://theamericangenius.com/te... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our team consist of current students and recently graduates from UIUC Computer Science Department.
Trying it now and am a bit confused why delete isn't a default option. Is there an option to switch archive to delete or to add delete?
@khw77 Will add that option in our next update!
How can I try the app? I downloaded it and gave picked mail access to my gmail account but I’m getting an invalid credentials error?