Search & share pictures, right from your chat screen

Now you can search and share images right from your chat screen! 😍

⌨️PicBoard is a keyboard application which is dedicated to images and fetches you pictures from all across the web. 🌏

It is supported by all your favourite messengers including WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. 📲

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Hey guys, I am Irshad, a student & maker. This is my first PH launch and I hope you guys find this keyboard app very useful. It is a keyboard application for Android which can search and share any images on the web instantly from the chat screen. It is supported across your favourite messengers including WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger, etc. If you spot any bugs, don't hesitate to mention me. Thanks :)
@irshadshalu We definitely have to make a collaboration ;) Check your mail sir :)
Pretty interesting but I think the step needed to switch the keyboards back and forth is kind of a huge hindrance (at least for me). I did note that simply by "closing" PicBoard you will automatically go back into your default keyboard? If that's the case it isn't that bad I suppose. I use SwiftKey and the built in GIF search works much better in this case in the sense that I can switch to search for GIFs much faster and back to typing without needing to change the entire keyboard app. Nonetheless I think this is definitely something fun to use! With the prevalence of multimedia messaging apps being able to quickly search for images to illustrate a point is certainly a good thing.
@swiftpolar Hey Lee, thanks for the review. Yes I acknowledge that the switching process is a bit tedious. If you're using GBoard or the stock android keyboard, you can just switch it by holding the space bar. SwiftKey doesn't support that I suppose. Btw, you can close PicBoard just by tapping on the input field. :) I also thought about integrating an entire keyboard into this, but asking users to switch their existing keyboard for this won't be a good idea. I'm planning of adding more features like text stickers and offline results. I will try to find if there's any way to optimise the searching process. Thanks again :)
@irshadshalu I don't think the route of having an entire keyboard is going to be good just because you'll put yourself to compete against all the other keyboards out there. Adding more features like stickers etc (more and more multimedia content!) will make it much more justifiable though! I mean I can and do imagine myself using it should it become like my all in one multi-media resource to quickly find send all kinds of non-text content to people. I look forward to the new features being added in future!
@swiftpolar Yeah!.. currently I am working on generating Text stickers within the app offline itself. Thanks for the suggestion, I have plans to add GIF search and other media search as well!
Great Job, Are you going to support iOS soon?
@gauthamzzz Thank you!. And yes, surely gonna figure it out for iOS, I did some research and directly posting the picture into the chat is not supported for iOS as they did for android. But a workaround is copying the picture to the clipboard. So I will use that as a workaround :)
Perfect use of emojis and gif 👌😻 waiting for the iOS app.
@jijosunny Thanks Jijo!. Yeah surely working on it :)
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out !! Should be available with all versions !!
@ayush_chandra Thanks a lot!. Yes it is!!