A powerful registration platform for event organizers.

Picatic is a powerful registration platform for event organizers, non-profits, enterprise, and developers.

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We use Picatic for all our events at Launch Academy. Great product and great team behind it :)
@rrhoover I have not. Was just looking at the space and came across these guys and was impressed. @johntmeyer I agree on the FairPay idea. Very clever nonetheless. Its the small nuances in the product that count. Fro example, teespring looks very simple, crowdfunding for t-shirts, but is really a structurally different way of selling products on line. No risk, with attractive margins. Love it.
Seems similar to Crowdtilt but with more control of the design. Have you used it before, @Bmwales?
To me it seems like crowdtilt meets eventbrite. Controlling the design is less important than selling tickets, prominently showing location and time information, sending reminder emails, etc.
Love the FairPay idea. Although event margins are pretty tight, would be curious how it's working.