A free and beautiful business bank account in Germany 😍🇩🇪

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 13, 2018
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Penta is a free business bank account for European businesses. Sign up online for free at

  • Lav Odorovic
    Lav OdorovicCEO, Penta

    cool, transparent costs, great support


    Germany only

    Obviously biased :) However, Penta aims to provide world class banking services to small businesses. Join us!

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  • Pros: 

    Seems easy to use, and the process seems simple enough, if you are from privileged world


    Takes you through a registration process just to be told that the passport of your country is not accepted.. or is accepted... or not...

    The incompetence of the personnel lead to several weeks delay in the formation of the company, and in the end I had to go with a different online bank, Holvi. Apparently, they don't mention it on the website, but they only accept passports from a limited list of countries. I still don't understand the trick, because Holvi uses IDnow for verification as well, and I had no problem identifying there, but with Penta it was not possible. What made things worse was that I was forwarded by IDnow to SolarisBank support, who confirmed to me that my passport was accepted, but then Penta support again said it was not possible. Then few days later, Penta representative called me and told me that surely they accept my passport and I should try again and record a name of the agent who refused to identify me, which I did.... but in the end, I again was refused verification and told that it is not possible for me to open a bank account at Penta because of my passport.... Who knows, maybe their bank is ok, but when their support cannot agree on such a simple thing as to whether someone can or cannot open an account, it makes you wonder what else they have no idea about?!

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LukaMakerHiring@prokotasic · @lukaivicev - Co-Founder at Penta
***UPDATE (February 2018): We're live and you can sign up directly at*** Hi everyone, Penta cofounder here. Bit of a shocker to see us on ProductHunt this morning 🎉! Luckily I didn't go out last night 😃! Thanks @_floriannagel Our goal at Penta is to make business banking really easy and free, just like Slack or Trello! ☺️ We just launched in December and we've grown our waitlist to over 3K businesses in Germany and now we've invited over 50% of that waitlist to join Penta. We're inviting people who have signed up on our waitlist everyday. So if you're signed up, you should expect an invite within a few days. Penta is only available for German businesses 🇩🇪 at the moment. The business types that can open a Penta account include: UG, GmbH, AG, GbR, OHG, PartG, KG, e.K. About Penta: 1. You can sign up online in minutes—from your couch. 🛋 2. Your business MasterCard should arrive within a few days of ordering it 💳 3. Penta is free to use! 🆓 4. You can also sign up on the weekend 😎 5. You will have a German IBAN/BIC and insurance on deposits just like with any other European financial institution. We're also just as safe and secure as any other bank in Germany or Europe as our banking partner solarisBank is a European bank. 🏦 In the future, we'll include banking products like FX, cash-flow management and prediction, automated accounting and more products via 3rd parties. More info about us: a)) b) c) Since this was completely unexpected, we'll happily allow anyone from the PH community to jump the waitlist to open Penta account immediately (check below) Thanks guys! Looking forward to your questions. PS, We had some PR around TransferWise stealing our branding this week: and so we are quite unprepared for this PH launch...
Jake Peters
Jake Peters@jakeapeters · CEO & Founder @HelpDocs
When you guys launch in the UK I’m all over this. It took 6 weeks to open our business bank account last time. Tried 3 banks. All terrible for different reasons, and I still hate who we ended up with. The charges are insane.
Jessica Holzbach
Jessica HolzbachMakerHiring@jessica_hbach · Head of CR, Penta
@jakeapeters Hi Jake, yes, business banking can really be awful! We also had the problem of opening a business bank account. Turns out, it’s easier to build a bank account than to open a bank account! 😄We don’t have a timeline yet of when we’re in the UK unfortunately. Best of luck in the meantime!
@jakeapeters try Tide, it's just like this except UK-first.
Stowe Boyd
Stowe Boyd@stoweboyd · futurist, researcher, imperfectionist
German businesses only
LukaMakerHiring@prokotasic · @lukaivicev - Co-Founder at Penta
@stoweboyd Yes, at the moment Penta is only available for German businesses.
Jacqueline von Tesmar
Jacqueline von Tesmar@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
I wonder how this is working out in Germany?
LukaMakerHiring@prokotasic · @lukaivicev - Co-Founder at Penta
@jacqvon Hi Jacqueline, if you're based in the US, you can think of us as the "Simple" bank of Europe (but just for businesses and not individuals). We started Penta because we wanted to have a bank that's just as easy to use as the tools that we use everyday (Slack, Trello, Jira, etc). But today, banking is outdated and quite expensive. But Penta is easy to use. You can even open a business bank account with us on your couch in just a few minutes—because we're completely digital. We're based in Berlin, so if you're ever here feel free to reach out! Because of banking regulation and compliance, we're only available in Germany. However, we're looking to expand to the rest of Europe in the coming year. Hope that answers your question!
Agusti Fernandez Pardo
Agusti Fernandez Pardo@agustifernandezpardo1
@getpenta @prokotasic Great news on the european Expansion, let me know when we can open account from Spain! 🇪🇸
LukaMakerHiring@prokotasic · @lukaivicev - Co-Founder at Penta
@getpenta @schpn Yes for sure! We're aiming for expansion beyond Germany towards the end of this year, so look out for the news ☺️👀
LukaMakerHiring@prokotasic · @lukaivicev - Co-Founder at Penta
@getpenta @schpn Will do! :)