Penny 2.0

Your friendly personal finance coach

Penny is a personal finance coach that chats with you about your finances and gives you tips to improve. You download the app, link your accounts, and Penny will automatically keep your finances up to date and help you save money, avoid fees, begin investing, and more.

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Hey PH! We launched the first version of Penny on PH over a year ago and were blown away by the feedback and encouragement. In fact, that launch was the deciding factor in us choosing to turn Penny into an actual business. We’re pumped to be back, this time with version 2.0! Quick refresher: We’re building an easy way for people to keep track of their finances. In a nutshell: download the app, connect your accounts, get insights and advice on your finances. Now, onto the 2.0 stuff: The single biggest change is that Penny can now walk you through ways to pay off your student loans and debt, invest your extra money, improve your credit score, etc. Penny can also help you set achievable goals, like cutting back on your fast food spending 🍔🙅 Alongside those changes, we’re launching our Penny+ membership for all you power users out there. With Penny+, you can turn on more categories (our single most requested feature), edit transaction names (fun fact: you can add emoji to your transactions), and refresh your balances on demand. You can expect more to come soon. Happy to answer any questions you have—we’re an open book 📖
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@dontmitch Congrats on launching 2.0! As one of the new features, how does Penny encourage investing extra money? Does it favor a specific institution, investing style, or just general good sense?
@slowlight We try to tailor it to the person. If you're just getting started, Penny might recommend a service like Acorns which slowly trickles money into an index fund. If you already have some money you want to invest, something like Vanguard, Wealthfront or Betterment might be a good fit. If there's a unifying strategy, it's a diversified portfolio with low fees.
By the way, if you sign up and enter the referral code 😻😻😻 (yes, our referral codes are emoji), you’ll get 60% off of Penny+, forever. EDIT: this is no longer valid, but shoot us an email if you want a discount.
@dontmitch I just spent 5 minutes trying to get this referral code into the app. Maybe have an option to do text codes as well? I ended up having to copy it from the browser, paste it into a task, open the task on my phone, copy it, and then paste it into the app.
@silvyn Yikes! Sorry about that 🙈 You can usually enter an email if the code doesn't work, but since this is a special discount we don't have one for this case. Mind shooting us an email at so I can look into what went wrong?
@dontmitch @pennyapp Sorry for the confusion... nothing went wrong. I was just saying it's hard to use an emoji for a referral code because I can't just type it in; I had to copy it from one device and pull it up on another. By the way - I started using it, and love the app. I think it's a great use of the AI chat interface in a growing world of useless bots.
This is awesome! Congrats to the Penny team!!
Great app & great team! Congrats guys 🎉
I regularly use Penny as a quick and simple way to keep track of my spending. It's a great app, and it's helped me spot things like figuring out when I was being charged for subscriptions I thought I had canceled. Great to see the new 2.0 additions!