Penny 2.0

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Mitchell Lee
@dontmitch · working on pennyapp.io
Hey PH! We launched the first version of Penny on PH over a year ago and were blown away by the feedback and encouragement. In fact, that launch was the deciding factor in us choosing to turn Penny into an actual business. We’re pumped to be back, this time with version 2.0! Quick refresher: We’re building an easy way for people to keep track of their fina… See more
Mitchell Lee
@dontmitch · working on pennyapp.io
By the way, if you sign up and enter the referral code 😻😻😻 (yes, our referral codes are emoji), you’ll get 60% off of Penny+, forever. EDIT: this is no longer valid, but shoot us an email if you want a discount.
Yunha Kim
@yunhajkim · CEO, Simple Habit
This is awesome! Congrats to the Penny team!!
@odedharth · CEO of MDalgorithms
Great app & great team! Congrats guys 🎉
Chris Scoville
@chris_scoville · Developer/Designer
I regularly use Penny as a quick and simple way to keep track of my spending. It's a great app, and it's helped me spot things like figuring out when I was being charged for subscriptions I thought I had canceled. Great to see the new 2.0 additions!