Incredibly simple personal budgeting app for iOS

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Does the app sync with bank accounts? Or is it manual?
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I like the design a lot but I don't want to have to manually enter what I spend every single time I do a transaction. Can this sync with Mint or something?
@riaface - you should have posted this yesterday, before everyone spent all their money on Black Friday ;)
@rrhoover Ha! Now they'll need a budgeting app to carry them through til pay day!
@rrhoover @riaface Exactly, just spent all my money now I have none to budget! :)
I like this quite a bit, but I would really love to see a chart for spending on each of the budgets. The site mentions that "Pennies does away with complex charts, tags, diagrams and breakdowns". Reality is, a chart lets you *actually* see how expenses (and money coming in) get you closer or farther away from $0. A table doesn't let me see this at a glance. Still, I like this first version.
@f Totally agree - would love charts.
I built an app like this[0] and, while it's theoretically good and Pennies is well-designed, manual entry is a non-starter for most. [0]