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Fast, robust and beautiful PDF editor

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Denys Zhadanov
VP of Marketing at Readdle
Hello Hunters! Today we are launching our flagship product - PDF Expert 2 for Mac. This is truly the best way to annotate and edit PDFs on your Mac. Version 2.0 brings text and image editing - something that a lot of users were asking for. Most importantly, it's super fast and easy to use. We launched PDF Expert originally for iPad back in 2012. Since then, over 5 million people enjoyed the product all around the world, it has also been featured by Apple many times and praised as one of the best PDF apps out there. Our users wanted to have a consistent experience on their MacBooks. Last November, we launched PDF Expert for Mac as fast, robust and beautiful PDF reader. It quickly become #1 app on the App Store and Apple gave us "App of the Year Runner-Up" title on the Mac App Store 2015. We quickly realized that Mac users need more power - most importantly they want to edit and modify existing PDF text, replace or add images, create links and much more. This is why it took us more than 6 months to build this powerful update that brings all the editing power. PDF Expert 2 is great for everyone who works with PDFs: signing contracts, creating invoices, filling out insertion orders, updating CVs, reading articles and magazines and much more. We brought that amazing and easy to use logic from iOS product into a Mac and added extra power. The cool part is that PDF Expert is the best product on the market in this category (I am little biased here, but you can see yourself) and it costs less than all the competitors - it's only $59.99. There's a free 7-day trial for all those who are interested. Me and the team would love to hear what you think. P.S. And yes, we've also created Readdle Transfer technology that allows you to easily move PDFs from iOS to Mac and vice versa.
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I've been beta testing v2 and it is fantastic. Seriously the best PDF app for Mac and iOS. (And it works great on the macOS Sierra beta.)
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Cristi`quad`GlodeanuRoadwarrior at Crossover.
Already installed the trial, looks gorgeous. But the price might be a little too steep for those who just open .PDFs and hate the Preview.app on macOS. Have you considered an additional price tier just for "viewing" .PDFs? And two or three basic functions, like...printing, searching, dunno.
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Eric Quinn HargrovePub Dev, BuySellAds
Awesome! Avid user and was eagerly awaiting text and image editing. Thanks for the great news Denys!
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Artur Kiulian
Building stuff
This is sick, image editing in PDF? shut up and take my money!
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