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Marcos T. Moralez
Marcos T. MoralezHunter@marcosmoralez · Emmy Award-Winning Designer, Prev Amazon
I participated in business-focused user tests at their user testing lab not too long ago and was pleasantly surprised by the ongoing focus to enhance the experience for the business side of transactions. They're definitely headed in the right direction.
Ashley Harvard-Campbell
Ashley Harvard-Campbell@ashley_harvard · wordpress developer in colorado/wyoming
I am so done with PayPal - can't trust them with my business, no matter how gorgeous their app is.
nikk wong
nikk wong@nikk_wong ·
Not impressed with PayPal whatsoever. I've given them thousands of dollars over the years as I've used them for payments. Then, their webhook started incorrect results. Could never get in technical support to respond to any of my inquiries. Dropped them and have been using stripe ever sense, even though my customers would probably prefer a paypal checkout.
Bruce Kraft Jr.
Bruce Kraft Jr.@brucekraftjr · CMO, social media & viral director
Glad to see the rollout publicly includes mobile apps as well :)
Cameron James
Cameron James@camero_n · Product at trivago
Would love to see some beautiful graphs on mobile for analytics, and a Slack integration, like our friends over at Stripe.