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Send payments in Slack with PayPal

$10,000 can be sent! so do not accidentally press too many zeros! Interesting to see this roll out after Slack Enterprise Grid Coverage by VentureBeat
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@bentossell I think it's going to be a useful add-on to the teams. many teams work from the same office and occasions like this one on the video can happen in a lot of situations. Super handy! 6$ for a Latte though 😱
@agisilaostsaras I imagine this is somewhere edgy in SF
I bet the Messenger team is fuming that Slack got big money payments rolled out before they did.
@chrismessina so in Australia we don't have Venmo so anyone who comes in on top of a messaging platform has a shot at getting large market share quickly.
Wow Great!
Does this send as pp gift?
@richardginsberg Think it sends as Friends + Family.