Pay in apps with Venmo

Make purchases in apps using your Venmo account

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Big move from Venmo. According to their site: "We've emailed everyone who can start using Venmo to pay in select apps. Didn't get an email? Right now, we're limiting availability, but stay tuned—we're adding users regularly, and will let you know when you can start paying!" Any hints as to when this is rolling out more broadly and why limit access to start, @pommalicious (or anyone else on the team)?
@rrhoover @pommalicious Also feel free to talk with @azitahabibi at Braintree about this!
@rrhoover, thanks for the support! We're rolling this out slowly so that we can ensure everyone can have a great experience paying in other apps with Venmo. This is a new frontier for us. I can't give you an exact timeline, but we will be opening up access to as many Venmo users as we can in the coming months. Look out for an email :) The initial launch happens to be on iOS because currently no Android apps accept Venmo, but that will definitely change soon, as merchants integrate more broadly.
Venmo has huge potential to be an alternative payment system for merchants. In-app purchases are a logical first step. Excited to try this out.
I assume Pay with Venmo will allow for high payment adoption with apps that are used by millennials. Apple Pay and directly using Paypal work well, but they just don't have the same ease of use that I think users will find with Venmo. Especially because Venmo is already an every day payment method for so many people, whereas something like Apple Pay still feels like a bit of a novelty until there are more apps, merchants, etc., that accept it. I also really like the social element that 3rd party apps can now use to integrate with Pay with Venmo. This all seems like a smart move for Paypal.
this is a big step forward for them. But does anyone else find it weird that it shows the memo for your payment to the world? Why does paying for things have to be social?
@thejeremycarson I agree with you. I've always felt a little weird about this. For example, do I really want people to know how often I order take out? lol not really
@thejeremycarson Sharing your payments to merchants is your choice! By default, your payment to a merchant is not shared to the feed in any way, only after you explicitly choose to share it with your friends.
@_eliperkins right, I always turn it off. but why would anybody even want that shared? seems just like a way for venmo to encourage input so they can data mine. not every app needs a social element.
@thejeremycarson I feel you. I certainly don't share 100% of my payments on Venmo either. What we've found is that there _are_ people who really enjoy bragging about their big night on the town or involving friends in parts of their day to day lives that might seem like small private details. Sharing is certainly not for everyone, and we get that. But our goal is to let people share the moments as they chose to, when they matter to them.
Can this circumvent the AppStore/Play store IAP/Subscription fees? If so, this could be a big deal for developers, but I expect Gapple (yeah I said it) to act up on it.
@danr_4 they are really not the same use case. Apple still doesn't allow you to pay for physical goods with in apps. So this is more useful for something like Uber, or an app I developed for a client called Eats which allows you to pick up fast food and split the check when you deliver it. We are currently using PayPal and I could see switching to Venmo for the name and hopefully the experience. PayPals sdk is terrible and makes for a pretty janky purchase flow