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Hello Product Hunt! Paws is a desktop app for Trello. It's great if you like your Trello away from your browser, and we've added a lot of extras on top of an already great product! 🐾 Paws for Trello has been hunted on our initial release in August 2016. We've improved it continuously for the past 6 months and in version 2.0 we finally introduce Quick Add and some neat vibrancy effects :) I'd love to hear any feedback about the app and will answer any questions you might have 😊
@dotmilosz Look great! Love it.
@dotmilosz I was using a Fluid wrapper around Trello before but Paws is way better! Love it, have been a user since 1.x. Are there any plans for tabs so we can have multiple boards open?
@magnuspaaske Thanks! You can currently use multiple windows with Cmd+Shift+N - they also work in split view in full screen! Tabs are currently not yet supported on Electron, the framework the app relies on. As soon as they are working & stable, we will add them to PfT :)
@dotmilosz Sweet, that also works. Hadn't realized :)
This looks great. Works nicely. Do you have any plans to integrate with add-ons? I've been using this recently. While it's not pretty it's helping us on projects. http://www.plusfortrello.com/p/a...
I use Paws every day and much prefer it in its own app rather than in the browser, the additional unique features (like label text) are also a nice touch.
@ryan_roberts1 Thanks Ryan πŸ’™
Nice Would be great to have compact-view setting or mode (look here https://chrome.google.com/websto...) - very useful for long backlog prioritization Also - an improvement on standard filtering would be much appreciated, Trello doesn't do a great job there
@matveyich Compact mode is a great suggestion - we'll look into adding something like it to our enhancements page :) In the meantime you can use zoom in/out shortcuts.
What about the URLs of cards? Are those accessible in Paws?
@stoweboyd Yup! Press Cmd+C or Cmd+Alt+C anywhere to copy current URL and Cmd+Alt+V to load a Trello URL from your clipboard. This works on all boards and cards. We also have Safari and Chrome extensions to open Trello links in Paws automatically :)
@douglasevaristo I think that $2.99 is a fair sum considering the weeks/months makers put into the app and the hours you'll spend on it if you end up using it :)
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@nivo0o0 OSS is great, but I'm excited by the $2.99 price point: accessible and signals sustainability.
@douglasevaristo yeah I hate rewarding developers for doing work that benefits me too.
@trulyadamant That's not the point! I use a product that does the same for free (https://github.com/danielchatfie...). What's the difference?