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What's different compare to PostMan? I don't really interesting in its pricing model, I can have all basics feature free on PostMan, but I have to pay $40+ for this, it's this sounds right to you?
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Would love a comparison of features of the two.
@stevesun21 I haven't played with Postman in a while. Paw imho have a better UI and feels more like a native macOS app. It was more polished than Postman, the last time, I used Postman. For me, Paw power comes from the small and hidden featured features. For example when you paste the following: ``` Header1: Value1 Header2: Value2 ``` In a header field it, Paw would detect this is several headers and values and would handle it correctly. Also I really like that I can just create a `.paw` file and send it to collage to work with.
@stevesun21 Paw is also built for teams and collaboration. You can version the various API calls and work on these things as a team, while sharing credentials securely. Very useful in complex integration testing. Generally Paw has more powerful features on saving user credentials within the app and dynamically choosing them based on the use case (i.e. dev vs qa vs prod) and tons of extensions that allow you to even write some simple JavaScript to daisy chain functions and other calls together to test things out. You will never get that from PostMan, which is also a great tool, but much more limited scope. YMMV.
@rstankov Yea, I know what you talk about. In PostMan, they call Bulk Edit and not just header, you can even do url parameters as well.
@andreioprisan In Postman, the different environment setup is come for free. And if you pay, you also can get the team features with PostMan as well. My question is, why I pay Paw, just for some features (good enough for sole developer/freelancer/early startup) I can get from PostMan for free?
My favorite API development tool just got a major update :) Especially Paw for Teams is quite interesting feature.
This looks great, I'm a sucker for beautiful UIs
Paw works great, feels great and has a consistent stream of updates. Plus it's a native app which always wins for me over web 💯👍
Been using Paw for years. It is an indispensable tool for API development/testing. Paw 3 is a fantastic upgrade!