Pavlok 2

Change your habits with electric shock

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So why a new crowdfunding campaign for the second version?
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@bentossell Hiya! The reason why was to find out from our users what they want the most. For example, when we ran the campaign, we focused on the waking up --- the product was called Rise. We find that crowdfunding helps us really find out what the market wants. We actually had to pivot our entire campaign after launching --- you can read the story about the pivot here:
@bentossell Probably because things didn't go so well on Shark Tank :)
Kidding aside, I'm a fan of Maneesh and interested in what this next version will bring.
Hi there! I'm Maneesh Sethi, the founder of Pavlok. Five years ago, I hired someone on Craigslist to follow me around, and slap me in the face when I got off task. I ended up writing 5 months of work in 5 days. I thought to myself --- "slapping doesn't scale -- but maybe a wearable dog zapper could!" So I decided to build Pavlok, a wearable device that uses vibration, beep, and zap to reward you for good habits and stop you from doing bad ones. We discovered that the zap was an EXTREMELY powerful tool to reduce cravings, stop bad habits, and wake people up early. In the last 18 months, we've rebuilt Pavlok from the ground up. Here are some of the big changes. 1) Way slimmer design with a bunch of accessories 2) Pavlok 2 *knows* when you do bad habits. We can track motions, gestures, online habits, and GPS. It can vibrate, beep, or zap to keep you aware and help train your habits. 3) Pavlok 2 has a bunch of sensations -- not just vibrate/beep/zap. Now you can send vibrating heart beats, or sine waves, or 8-bit music 4) Pavlok 2's remote control is way enhanced --- so you and your wife (or accountability partner) can communicate and send sensations to each other, and hold each other accountable 5) New 'App store interface' --- where you can unlock new apps, and developers can release their own too! like and 6) Pavlok Rise is our newest app -- about forming *positive* habits. Focused on forming morning routines of the greats, like Einstein or Franklin ( . I'm excited to announce this --- I believe Pavlok 2 will help change 100,000 habits in the next year. Thanks for being awesome :)
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Pavlok is one of my favorite hardware startups. the shock alarm function is the best alarm clock that i've ever used:
@_jacksmith You are my favorite, Jack
@_jacksmith did you say..... "shock alarm"???? dear lord you did. How did I not know about this wonderfully... wait... shock alarm. Why not just have it emit bacon smells?
@brandon_larson @_jacksmith Jack doesn't wake up to simple alarms. Jack is one of our power users who really needed help waking up. You can see what I mean in our blog post:
Colbert 😎
AI coach + gesture detection sounds awesome. Finally it will know when I'm doing my habit, no more having to press the button myself!