The Shock Clock by Pavlok

The only alarm clock you will ever need again

The Shock Clock by Pavlok is a clock that will help you break your bad habits and replace them with some good ones. Every time you are about to make it, it shocks you out of it whether it is oversleeping, nail biting, smoking or whatever you consider as your bad habit. Choose your better way of living by starting with some changes in your routine.

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Demo by @rrhoover and @andreasklinger at the Product Hunt office:
@nivo0o0 @andreasklinger we still need to integrate the Pavlok API into Product Hunt somehow. Suggestions!? 😁
@rrhoover @nivo0o0 @andreasklinger Sure --- you can use the vibration and beeping features, so when a new product is pushed, Pavlok users can be notified!
@rrhoover -- seriously though, i have several ideas. Let me know if you're serious and I can ping you
I have one and used it to stop myself from slouching in my chair. Was surprised how quickly I found myself sitting up straight more often. Also, I love when people ask me what I'm wearing and I let them try it on without telling them what it does.
@kristofertm Well that would be quite a shock 🙃
This team and their products are some of the best I've ever personally used as a consumer. They deliver real, scientifically backed, results that are life changing. They could easily charge $1,999 for a Pavlok and the lifetime value would still be dwarfed at that price. Do yourself a favor and get behind this now.
@taylorericscott yeah you've got a point that they could pretty much charge just a huge rental period or something. as all the value is up front
Sometimes I think I need this but the lack of aesthetics deters me some watt :-)
@helencrozier the black version looks pretty minimal imho. Kind of like a Fitbit
Hopefully with this I can finally get out of bed. 😴