If Evernote + IFTTT + Excel had a baby

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So in the Evernote + IFTTT + Excel parent analogy, who is the Mom, who is the Dad, and who is the bonus parent? Or is this more of a Full House Scenario in which case I can only assume that Excel is Danny Tanner, Uncle Jesse is Evernote, and IFTT is obviously Joey.
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@doog If I could give karma points for this I totally would. Some people just "get it"
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@hnshah thanks for hunting us! I’m Derek, co-founder at Pattern. Sales is hard. I know this because I’ve spent nearly my whole career as a salesperson, sales ops resource or sales manager. My co-founders and I were tired of seeing our friends in the sales trenches struggle day in and day out to stay on top of the never-ending stream of work using tools that weren’t designed for them. We decided to take matters into our own hands and take a crack at envisioning the future of selling from the perspective of a salesperson. We created Pattern for the salespeople that persevere, despite soul crushing busy work, to beat quota month after quota-growing month. Pattern is a new kind of workspace for salespeople by salespeople that actually does work on their behalf so they can spend more time on what really matters -- their customers. With Pattern we hope to bring back the human element to sales, to train machines to do the work, and to usher in a new way to win — a way that is thoughtfully designed and beautifully intelligent. We’re inviting salespeople everywhere to give Pattern a try and let us know what you think. Thanks!
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@dbdraper @hnshah is there a way to try it out now?
@mark_kofman @hnshah Hey Mark! Thanks so much for your interest. We're still in beta so we have a short waitlisting process in place. Sign up via the Get It button above and we'll make sure you get priority access to the product in the very near future. Thanks!
@hnshah "to train machines to do the work" I'm looking forward to more companies taking this approach. As a designer 40%+ of my time is doing repetitive tasks in Sketch.
I've been working with the Pattern team for the last year and am consistently blown away by how quickly their small team can crank out incredible product. Any sales person who thinks they're not as productive as they should be (basically everyone) will LOVE this.
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A communications / note taking tool that can be described best with an analogy?! Yes. Check it out, Pattern will save you time and help you communicate better.
I really wish that beta sign up landing pages were not hunted. I only upvoted so I remember to come back to this. This is what is for unless you are giving priority access to PH members.
@kenrossi Hi Ken, I understand your concern. We're going to get people on the product as soon as we possibly can and Hunters do get priority access so if you sign up we'll make sure to get you set up asap.
@dbdraper Would love priority access as well if possible -- just signed up but got waitlisted :( (
@dannyfreed @gmail Hi Danny, thanks for your interest. We're taking signups right now and will get folks on the platform asap. Based on the data you shared with us during the signup process, it doesn't look like you're currently using Salesforce, is that correct? At the moment, we only support orgs that use Salesforce and Gmail. Apologies for any confusion.
@dbdraper I signed up via businessinsider I believe it was. Do I still get priority access?