Patreon - Benefit Tracker

A new way to manage & track what you deliver to patrons.

Today we’re introducing a shiny NEW way to manage and track the wonderful stuff you deliver to your patrons on Patreon. 🎉 📦

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It's live baby!
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Such a helpful tool for creators!!!
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This is an INCREDIBLE product. I'm very biased, because I work at Patreon. As a creator myself, I've seen the "benefits of using benefits". It's a data-backed method of organizing your tiers so you and your patrons know what's coming up. Rewards are dead, long live benefits.


Incredibly easy to incorporate benefits into your existing tiers


Needs to be incorporated into the overview page and feed system

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Does this product is just another crowdfunding platform?
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@mauriciofloresl We are a bit different from most crowdfunding platforms because this is all about giving creators a consistent income that comes directly from their closest fans. You pledge a certain $/mo that is ongoing rather than 1-time. So in the sense of people supporting creators directly, yeah, it’s like crowdfunding. But there’s no big deadline and pressure to produce a specific thing... this is about helping creators keep doing the work they most want to do, and joining them on that journey. Does that help?
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Good work Jessica!