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We're not launching Prime yet but this is some core tech we felt would benefit a lot of people so didn't want to wait to push it out the door. More words: EDIT: was asked on Twitter to add a bit more 👍 Basically, I'm a founder of Prime (beta right now, get @ me for an invite) a platform to make caring for family members super easy. Prime pulls family + health data into one place—one core piece of that "health data" is that we built tech that allows you to sync health records from any doctor, even for someone you're taking care of. That's how we're able to know all the information powering this tool—it's the same as what powers Prime! so tldr: we turned some proprietary tech into a public tool anyone can use now, because figuring out where health records are isn't easy, and we were sitting on a tool that could make a lot of people's lives easier, so IMO no-brainer.
It's a really cool tool and super useful already now. I'll keep following you for sure!!! Looking forward to updates
@mibel86 glad to hear it's helpful 👊 thanks Max!