Pathfinder takes your Shopify marketing to the next level. It builds sophistcated and personalized campaigns - in as little as 4 clicks. It studies your data & your customers and gets smarter the longer you use it. It even writes your emails for you!
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Hey there Makers & Hunters - Dan here, founder of Pathfinder! Pathfinder is a new type of marketing product for Shopify stores that collaborates with your team and crafts marketing campaigns for you in the style of your brand. We built it because we wanted to help independent online stores stay competitive against the big machine (amazon, jet.comm etc...), and because we believed in the potential for a new and better way to get marketing done. When you think about it, e-commerce marketing has come on leaps and bounds in the last decade. It’s now more technical and data-driven than ever before, but the way we humans work with all this complexity hasn’t really kept pace. We’re still doing things the old fashioned way, all by ourselves — writing every email, designing every customer journey, guessing what people will respond to, and generally using brute force to keep up. As a result we’re working more hours than ever before. We’re also missing big opportunities to grow our sales. Pathfinder changes this immediately by taking care of marketing jobs for you in just a few clicks. It identifies opportunities, creates campaigns, writes emails, analyses results, reports on KPIs, makes suggestions and designs split tests all FOR you. After a bunch of testing (over $2MM in sales generated for our BETA clients) we're now finally live on the Shopify App Store. Signing up now takes just 2 clicks, and you can get your first campaign live in a dozen more! It's also free to use - if you see a return and want more skills and features, just use a small portion of your profits Pathfinder has already made you upfront to upgrade to a more powerful plan. Super interested to see the results everybody gets - and if anyone has any questions please give me a shout out! :) You can get a free account here:
Team are great and super responsive on support issues Pros: Super simple way to start running automated marketing campaigns for your Shopify or Magento store. Cons: Limited channels for marketing other than on site or e-mail.