AI Marketing Employee For Shopify & Magento Stores

#3 Product of the DayMarch 09, 2019
Pathfinder is an AI marketing employee for e-commerce stores that works for free and can be “hired” to do marketing jobs. It's the secret weapon that lets small teams compete with big teams, writing emails and building campaigns in minutes, not months.
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I'm super interested in automation tools like this. Do you have ecommerce stores using it now, @filip_young? Curious to hear about some of the use cases and maybe results you've seen.
Hey @rrhoover. We've been working hands-on with a bunch of BETA customers over the last 18 months to teach Pathfinder how to do marketing. Many of these have been e-commerce stores but some have been in other industries. These BETA customers have had a lot of hands on support from us though, so I'd be hesitant to let Pathfinder take full credit for the results. In terms of use cases, Pathfinder can be “hired” to do three different marketing jobs. We call these "skills". We have skills for: 1. Reducing abanonded checkouts 2. Upselling customers after a purchase 3. Recovering lost customers Your first 2 skills are free if you have 4,000 contacts or less. We're super keen to let merchants try Pathfinder out at no risk, and hopefully they will see results from that. We are also working on skills for: 1. Acquiring new customers 2. Improving customer satisfaction 3. Running holiday promotions This Medium post goes into more detail on how it's done:
Hello there Product Hunt, Pathfinder is an AI marketing employee, that does marketing for e-commerce stores. The idea is that Pathfinder connects to your store and helps make your marketing team better, whether that team has 1 member of staff or 100. Think of it as giving your team superpowers, and letting them get 10X more done than they could manage on their own. You can give Pathfinder various marketing jobs that you don’t have time for, or put it in charge of certain parts of your marketing funnel, and it’ll perform those jobs kind of like a real human, but in a fraction of the time. While we’re still the new kids on the block, Pathfinder is already helping marketers design and send over 30,000,000 individualised messages per year, driving millions of dollars in revenue for business large and small. It’s the end result of more than 5 years R&D, 18 months of intense BETA testing (during which over 65MM messages were sent) and tens of thousands of man-hours! Our BETA customers include both multinational consumer brands and hustling solopreneurs, with each turning to Pathfinder to make marketing simpler, quicker and more effective. The best way to experience Pathfinder is to see it in action first hand. Pathfinder works for free until it’s proven it’s value to you, so create a free account today and see how it can help your team get more done.

Team are great and super responsive on support issues


Super simple way to start running automated marketing campaigns for your Shopify or Magento store.


Limited channels for marketing other than on site or e-mail.

Wow... This will be a great experience..
Thanks @rahulseo, we definitely hope so!
Looks like a great product, would love to see any examples/case studies you have of the tool in action 👍
Hey @lachlankirkwood, thanks for this. As I mentioned to Ryan just now, this post on Medium goes into a bit more detail on the different use cases / jobs you can "hire" Pathfinder for: As for case studies, we'll be working on those! We worked with a group of BETA customers over the last 18 months to help us build and train up Pathfinder, but we were relatively hands-on with those folks. We're really looking forward to see how people get on interacting with Pathfinder directly!