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I'm a big fan of automatic and automated investing. Managing investments is a part time job.
Congrats @wauckward and team :)
@mslagh @wauckward 2nd that. great use of animation and video to introduce the product. @alphafishing must have been pretty pumped about all the cycling imagery πŸ™„ nevertheless, this could be a definite game changer in the personal finance space and i'm actually excited to look at my financial future for a change.
I'm very interested in automated investing but being a Canadian we are... left in the cold on this one.
@braunshizzle checkout wealthsimple
@jasonlor thanks checking it out :)
I just synced several other accounts to try this out in Wealthfront. Couldn't see anything related to Path in my dashboard, and a few accounts were having trouble syncing. It said to check back tomorrow to see the unsynced accounts, but now they are missing from my tracked accounts list. Is Path still rolling out to customers? Excited to check it out. EDIT: Tried adding my accounts a second time, and it's working a lot better. Nice animation to track the addition of funds!
I wish wealthfront was path first and then wealthfront second. Already have something else setup, switching costs are high... but I've wanted something like path for a while..
@matthui I'm an early user of Wealthsimple
@i_am_brennan Agreed, I'd like to connect my existing accounts without having to create another investment account.