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What is Qure.Fi?
Qure.Finance is a web3 investing app crafted for the next generation of retail investors. It stands at the intersection of the creator economy and financial advice. We share revenue with financial content creators in a way similar to Patreon. Our revenue comes from minting social tokens for influencers, which grant access to exclusive content. Our mission is to shape a transparent space in the web3 realm where financial influencers and their audience can grow together.

Qure.Fi tech stack

We're aware of 2 technologies that Qure.Fi is built with. Qure.Fi utilizes products like Google Fonts, UNPKG in their tech stack

Recent launches

Qooore 2.0
Social investing app where successful financial influencers and professional traders share their insights about markets. Follow the best analysts and get trading ideas.
Qooore helps GenZ learn how to earn money through validated finfluencers.
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Hey! Can anybody ask Elon to make a call to Wallstreatbets we want them on board!
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