Paste is a time machine for your clipboard. It automatically stores everything you copy and keeps your clipboard history organized across all your devices. It is an invaluable productivity tool for writers, developers, designers and everyone else.

Paste for iOS is available on the App Store for free and is a magnificent addition to Paste for Mac!

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Hi there! We're so excited to launch Paste for iOS today! We have been working hard to make it happen: rebuilt our sync engine, made 379 improvements under the hood to make Paste faster and better, carefully listened to your feedback and spent 467 hours making sure everything works flawlessly. From everyone here at Paste, we hope you'll like it and we look forward to hearing from you!
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@stel2k I've been waiting so long to try this. Paste for Mac is amazing and makes repetitive tasks just that much easier. Looking forward to finally trying this
@manny_orduna Yay! Can't wait to hear what you think!
@stel2k This looks really cool. I might finally move on from ClipBoardHistory to a new clipboard tool
@guillaumecabane thanks! We have a free trial for Paste for Mac on our website to try it (iOS version is free), let me know if you have any questions!
@stel2k Congrats! Waiting for Android App on future Paste Release
Paste is something I have been looking forward to as an iOS app! Seeing it on the front page of Product Hunt made me accidentally yell "yes!" out loud at work. Can't wait to see what Paste brings me on iOS. Brilliant work on both the Mac and iOS app @stel2k!
@3raxton thank you!

I have used a few different apps on my Mac for clipboard management, but Paste has been by far the nicest and most useful I've used. Well worth the cost. And now they've introduced this great companion iOS app and it looks and works great. It is a great way to keep things I copy in sync across my devices. Highly recommend this and the Mac app for anyone.


Syncs with desktop app, beautiful UI, seamless operation


Not applicable

Been using Paste for ~2 years. It's an integral part of my everyday workflow.

I've used a number of clipboard managers, but the visual interface of Paste has taken my humble ol' CM to the next level.

I can copy multiple items at once, then go paste them all quickly and easily.

Handles text, images, codes, while maintaining formatting.

Anything I copy can be turned into a reusable snippet that I can quickly and easily access in the future. I can ever organize my snippet through boards (think folders).

Also has iCloud sync, so everything I copy stays synced across my devices.

And they just dropped an iOS app, so I'm excited to see how that changes my workflow now as well.


Saves everything I copy; allows me to save and organize frequently used snippets of text; syncs across devices; ups productivity


I don't have any complaints about it

Thank you very much for your feedback!
Paste is my favourite productivity app on a Mac. I've been using it every day for almost 3 years. For me it's much more than a sleek clipboard manager, I also store in Paste email&messenger templates and email signatures. Very excited about iOS release as it should make my mobile email workflows much more efficient!