Paste by FiftyThree

Show your work. Paste is a new presentation tool for Slack.


Paste is a new kind of presentation tool built for Slack. With Paste, teams can tell the rich story of their work, fast. Paste is made to tell great stories. Drop or paste anything you’d like to share—images, videos, links, pdf, text—and our automated layout engine instantly makes great slides for you.

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6 Reviews5.0/5

I can't go back to regular presentations after using Paste. Hope this keeps growing.


Beautiful results, 10x faster to build a presentation, no hassle.


No clicker while presenting. Can't download for offline viewing in case internet breaks.

Your price and pricing model make it impossible for me to promote this product in the company. Because of this new thing, I can't afford to let the company pay for me before proving its value, and I can't afford to pay for that much.

Your price will cause the product to spread.


This is a good product, not only can be used to make PPT, but also can be used for multi-person collaborative creativity.


But you chose an unreasonable price.The price is crazy.

It's too expensive for me to promote this product in the company.

The burden of using this product is not great, but I hope the whole team will participate in the use, which is the price I can't afford personally.
I’ve used Paste for over a year now and it is a very valuable tool to present and talk through design findings with my team, clients and stakeholders. I value the streamlined capabilities as an end user and UXUI Designer, and the clean and professional appeal as a presenter/viewer. As a UX/UI Designer, using Paste to communicate my design work fits seamlessly with the rest of my process. Being able to hand-off a link to a slidedeck and receive comments in it, means I can continue to update the content without having to resend decks. Also, being able to track and receive comments in Paste allows me to more easily manage and track conversations more closely to the related content (instead of managing feedback over a disjointed email chain). And possibly most importantly, with Paste I can more easily compile my designs into an almost-already-designed slidedeck allowing me to better focus on the content I put into the slides, and without the pressure of feeling obligated to spend extra effort designing said slides. Lastly, I found through my experience in using Paste that the company is committed to improving Paste to better suit their end-users’ needs. Having answered a quick short survey, I was then asked to participate in an interview - so I know they were actively committed to gathering insights from end-users. Separately, I asked about lacking functionality and received a prompt reply and update when that functionality had been added. And from that I know they were actively working on improvements (at least in early 2019). I recommend giving Paste a try as a presentation and sharing tool!