Paste by FiftyThree

Visual collaboration for Slack Teams.

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Georg Petschnigg
@georgpetschnigg · Georg Petschnigg, FiftyThree
**UPDATE 04-18-17** We just went live in the Slack App Directory. https://slack.com/apps/A3WNR7LHW... Paste adds visual collaboration to Slack. We built it to make sharing work easy. In our mind Slack is like a room with chairs and talking people, Paste provides a table for artifacts and work products. At FiftyThree we use it for our walk-throughs, all-hand… See more
Jan Florian Maas
@applotse · Chief Innovation Officer, addWings GmbH
Easy to use, works with astonishingly many file types – GREAT!
Andreas Duess
@andreasduess · CCO, Nourish Food Marketing
Looks great, but.....what is it? Is it google slides without the presentation features? Is it mural.ly without the cooperation features? Is it one of the many team-and-work-review solutions but without the commenting features? Wireframing? Design? I am genuinely confused. It looks great, but what the heck does it do that other products don't?
Joshua Tabansi
@tabansi · Founder, Courtier
The sign-up/create-an-account on-boarding flow is sweeet 💙, what made you forgo password authentication?
Kabir Shah
@kingpixil · I make things | kabir.ml
This looks super great! Love the fluid design 😍