Clipboard history manager for your Mac

#1 Product of the DayJune 23, 2015

Paste is a new way to copy and paste for your Mac. It keeps everything you've ever copied and lets you use your clipboard history anytime you need it across all your devices.

UPD: Please check out Paste 2!

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Hi there! Paste was started as an UI experiment, I wanted to make a "different" UI for a desktop app that doesn't use any private API and is valid for Mac App Store. After some prototypes I decided to make a clipboard manager – the app that stores everything you've ever copied and allows you to use your copy-history anytime you need it. I think such kind of apps must be tightly integrated into the system, so Paste looks and feels as a part of the OS X with native animations and fullscreen user experience. I have a lot of ideas to make it even better, so feel free to leave a suggestion or any other feedback! UPD: Please check out Paste 2 at ;)
@stel2k this looks incredibly useful! Looking forward to sending you some feedback!
@stel2k I've used Paste for the last 3 years and it's easily the most useful app I've ever bought.
And don't forget to download Paste Helper at, it makes Paste much-much better ;)
@stel2k what's the difference then? why don't you include all the functionality in one product?
@dglbr @stel2k I'm guessing it's probably due to sandbox requirements and the added functionality wouldn't meet App Store review requirements. edit: Just saw this on their site "The apps in Mac App Store must be "sandboxed", it means they can't communicate with other apps so there is no way to implement the Direct Paste feature in App Store version of Paste. We have introduced an optional Helper application which makes Direct Paste work…"
Thanks @benwtnb! @dglbr unfortunately it's the only allowed way to make Direct Paste works in sandboxed environment.
@benwtnb @dglbr @stel2k But if you download directly from your site, there's no need for this, right?
@shimmb Correct, the version from the website includes the Helper internally.
This is super neat - but part of me doesn't want to see my clipboard history. Hah.
@stttories You can setup the Rules in Preferences and Paste will not store data from apps you select ;) And you can delete your history anytime.

I rarely shell out money for any kind of software, but while there are great free alternatives (e.g. Flycut), I haven't seen anything close to the performance / usability / UI in Paste. For $10, great deal.


Slick Apple-style UI, useful features, smooth performance, pinboards, search, attentiveness to UX


The window is a bit larger than necessary; a lot of space is given to show the source app of the copied item; usually not important

Awesome! I just upgraded from iClip. I have two concerns though: a) Can you add an option to hide the menubar icon? That is super prime real estate on my MacBook and given the keyboard shortcut, I can't imagine myself ever needing to click on it up there. b) It's super slow! When I "Show Paste" it pauses for a good 1 second before starting the slide in animation. Is that a known limitation?
@jeffrey_rosen Thanks! a) Already on the roadmap and will be available in next release ;) b) Unfortunately sometimes there can be a delay on Retina Macbooks, I'll investigate this case, for now the only solution is restart you Mac :( After restarting there should not be a delay.