Passerine is an open-source, cross-platform Product Hunt desktop app built with Electron. Inspired by @caprine

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You are not adhering to the MIT license. 90% of this app is copied from my Caprine app. You pretty much just changed the URL and some minor things. Caprine is open source, and you're free to borrow everything, but credit where credit is due, please! Proof: You didn't even bother to update the icon: (that's the Caprine icon)
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@sindresorhus I’m sorrry. We have made the changes and added credits and lisence according to MIT. Please let us know. If you want us to anything more. We started off with caprines code instead of an electron bolilerplate and I’m really sorry we didn’t give credits earlier😶
This is fun to wake up to discover today. Love the dark mode feature. 🌚 What was the motivation to build this, @gauthamzz and @aswin_vb?
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@rrhoover thank you so much . Your words mean a lot to us! We wanted to work for product hunt as intern. Please consider this as our application. @gauthamzz
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@gauthamzz I also sent you an email on behalf of Sonny Tee :)

Minimal Product hunt app for your desktop


Dark mode is lit


Nothing as of now

Looks Good


Dark Mode is Dope

Cross Platform


IDK, Looks Pretty Decent

Great job!! Hoping you can do more experiments with the product hunt desktop version
@ayush_chandra sure. We will keep updating this. From time to time. If anyone has suggestions for features please comment :) Due the shortcut keys, it’s very handy and easy to use Desktop version 😇