Elegant Facebook Messenger desktop app

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Sindre Sorhus
@sindresorhus · Aspiring kitten & open-sourcerer 🦄
Caprine is an open-source and cross-platform Facebook Messenger app built with Electron. I mostly just made it for myself two years ago when I wanted a desktop version of the Messenger iOS app. Since then it's grown quite popular and it's no longer just me working on it. Caprine is based on messenger.com, but heavily modifies and skins it and adds additional… See more
Sam Verschueren
Best facebook messenger client out there!
Christopher Skillicorn
@skllcrn · Designer
Awesome work @sindresorhus! I'd love to hear more about your process and reasoning. Why did you chose to work with Electron and how does Caprine differ from other alternatives that for example run in a Mac app wrapper around Facebook's stand-alone Messenger?
@qhameem · Software Engineer
Just installed it. Feels fast/responsive and looks like using less memory than my previous ones. Let's see how it behaves when a few hundred lines of messages have been exchanged.
But isn't Electron bloated?