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#3 Product of the DayAugust 24, 2016
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Aloha Product Hunt! We woke up this morning to our surprise that our beta was released a bit early on PH ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ With this first release, we aim to capture people where they listen to music the most, on Spotify Desktop. Listen to music like normal and we do the leg work of syncing other people in the background. It's crazy fast and accurate as a Mac App and we are using this platform as a jumping off point. If you're curious about this unique problem that we are solving first, check out our medium article: We fixed all of the phone verification issues and have scaled so that we can all listen together. Listen with us! Brennen, Dan, Daniel, and Hunter
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@dnosk @parallelpulse i can't seem to get past the verification page despite having a verification code.
@the_real_jw @parallelpulse Scaled up! We're ready to listen with you, can you try again?
@the_real_jw We're back and good! Config environment issues fixed on the new scaled database. Best jolt to the start of your day! Listen with us brennen, dan, daniel, and hunter!
@dnosk can't wait to try
We've seen lots of products on PH that have clear links with (RIP) - Recently we had Lisn which was mobile focused, which I thought was interesting. This is Mac focused. I've said before, I like collaborative listening (to a point). But music always seems to circle back around to the individual. This could be cool to have the PH HQ to play music and I could hop in and out to listen to the office while I'm working remotely - I like @jacqvon's Friday Feel Good playlist. Other solutions out there that are web-based are always ruined by other people jumping into a 'music room' and putting shit music on.
@bentossell @jacqvon I have similar thoughts here. I saw the same similarities the other day between Lisn and, which both rely on the lounge/music-room aspect to attract users. Personally, I like this, though I will say that in my experience, I rarely listen to whole tracks recommended by friends or others in the moment. Rather, I like to explore them in my own time, so as not to feel pressured to like the music or have a particular emotion towards it. I suppose that echoes Ben's point of music many times circling back to the individual. Collaboration and community are certainly central tenants of music exploration and enjoyment, but I think it's more powerful in other facets besides collaborative listening. The biggest challenge with music-rooms as I've experienced them is what I call "the jury problem." In ln law, when choosing a jury for a trial, lawyers typically don't choose people who work in the legal or law enforcement professions. Many times, this is because there's a fear that one of these types of people could act as a "kingpin" of sorts on the jury, and influence the trial. The same issue stands here: many times there's an unequal balance of power in the music-room, which then leads to an overall homogenous music experience over time. This can then curb exploration and excitement. Music-room-based services should keep this in mind when they're thinking about collaboration and interaction.
@bentossell @jacqvon I felt the same way with and Also, the more active less passive nature of those where hard to keep me coming back every time I go to listen to music. With Parallel we wanted a more passive out of the way experience to allow people looking for someone to just guide them without all the effort.
@bentossell Exactly! You're spot on here. We wanted to capture people where they listen to music the most at first. Our groups feature is rolling out this week, but we were outed prematurely here. Yikes! We've got some exciting features coming out within the month where we'll show that we are the Turntable replacement here to stay :D
@bentossell Let's move away from the individual a little bit more. Parallel Teams is released today on v1.2! Listen with your favorite buddies together 🎶👯
Only usable with phone number verification, not a big fan of this. Wanted to try it out anyway, received the code but had no chance to enter it because the app tells me that there was an error sending said code...
@padschneider same here! Very fun idea though... especially for people who work remote.
@padschneider Had a technical issue this morning, but services back online. (Some one got the jump on us and posted before we where ready :( we launched just Monday lol
@brennen that happens! Maybe you could make the design more "error friendly" though, e.g. making it possible to enter the verification code anyway. But I assume the verification probably wouldn't have worked anyway?
@padschneider yea I am truly sorry about that! Yea, it would have taken you to the screen then fail to verify code. Hope you can sign up now though! let me know if you still have issues!
@padschneider Scaled up! We're ready to listen with you, can you try again?
I've seen a ton of apps (see my collection) but none of them feel polished enough or nearly as fun as TT. Just downloaded. I'm "rrhooover". Will report back. 😊
@rrhoover @parallelpulse We miss TT also! We wanted to take a new approach to the void it left: (2 min read) We've got back to back SXSW Music Hackathon Champs working on it and we cannot wait to showcase our upcoming features. Parallel = Turntable 2.0
It's kind of an incredible concept that you can be listening in sync with someone whether they're sitting across the table from you, in the same office, or even across the world. Let's you peek into people's heads a little
@buzzzz Totally! The Universal Music Thread