Automate manual processes without spreadsheets or code

Parabola enables non-technical users to work with their data as effectively as an engineer without needing spreadsheets or code. Our customers find they're able to save multiple hours per week by automating previously manual work, while also finding new, revenue generating ways to use their data.

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Hi everyone and thanks @lylemckeany! We created Parabola with the goal of enabling everyone to easily work with their data without needing technical skills. It makes data easy to import and manipulate, eliminates the need for complex formulas, and everything you build is automatically updated whenever new data comes in. -Easy, drag-and-drop interface that handles the most complex and frustrating tasks for you. -Connect to live data, clean/merge data sets, perform a variety of data transformations, and visualize the results. -Package your analysis into engaging dashboards for sharing and collaborating with just a few clicks. Our early customers use Parabola for everything from cleaning lead data to creating live-updating analytics dashboards. We’d love for you to try it and let us know what you think. ***Giving Tuesday Promo*** Because today is Giving Tuesday, if you sign up today, 50% of your first month’s payment will go to Jumpstart ( Jumpstart is a fantastic, national nonprofit focused on improving critical language and literacy skills among children in low-income neighborhoods. Self-empowerment and education are at the core of what we believe in at Parabola, so we’re excited to support them. -Your Parabola Team
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@alexyaseen This looks really great. We currently have data in a few different places (in my particular case, campaign monitor and typeform) – being able to leave it where it is but combine it all in Parabola would be a game changer. I do realise campaign monitor and typeform are not yet supported – Question: is there a rough timeline on support for these services (or zapier)? I'm asking so I can manage expectations within my team if I suggest Parabola.. many thanks
@voodoo6000 Zapier is at the top of our list, campaign monitor and typeform have been less frequently requested. DM me on twitter and we can talk about what you would need from these integrations and how soon we can make that happen.
True painkiller product. My team was spending 10 hours each week on tedious sales and marketing tasks (lead cleaning, marketing list segmentation). We set up a workflow in Parabola in ~30min and now just need to spend a few minutes running it every week.
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@apfk88 Great to hear!
Looks great! I wanted to give a try, but the price point is more on the pro-professional side, so, I was thinking that probably if you promoted like: "We created Parabola with the goal of enabling every professional to easily work with their data without needing technical skills" something like that would be clearer to manage price expectations, or for "normal users" offer basic connections like google sheets only, pros offer mail chimp etc, and so on...
@usrix Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.
My team at RolePoint has been using Parabola for almost a year now and it's been an awesome addition to our sales stack. Previously, it took us hours to segment lead lists, append company specific data, cleanse bad leads, and clean up leads to be ready for sending. Parabola has allowed us to trim down what use to be a tedious manual process to just a few clicks. We have a pretty robust clean up and data appending flow (currently at 40 steps), but with Parabola, we can process thousands of leads, while adding a few dozen columns of data, in a couple minutes. It's pretty incredible for our use case. Congrats @alexyaseen and Parabola team!
@the_treal_jay Thanks for the kind words JP and thanks for being such a great early customer!
It looks cool but not being able to try without pulling my card is a no go for me.