Get your ideas on paper.
Pre-formatted iPhone templates make it easy to quickly test out ideas before going to Sketch.
They're sticky so you can move them around on a whiteboard and visualize the user flow.
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Looks great but 45$ shipping cost to Germany is too much. Do you have any plans to come up with alternatives for Europe?
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@de @syswarren you guys might like this
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They look nice, I'd use them. Only concern is the price point for (correct me if I'm wrong) three pads of the same template? If it were something along the lines of iPhoneX, Galaxy S9, and something else (unsure of top usage statistics off the top of my head), that would make the three pads, and the cost, more appealing. I could see classroom use for UI/UX exercises, perhaps bulk options discounted for educational use should be offered. Just my two cents. Looks good, personally indifferent from a customer standpoint, but a fan of the simple utility and design.


Simple, effective, and serves a specific purpose.


Price point, no device options, no purchase options/scaling/customization.

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Thanks for the feedback Chris! Really like the idea of including a mixed bag of devices. Going into it, I was thinking that iPhone was the de facto device that designers consider when doing prototypes. Totally hear your point on price. Because I produced a limited quantity to just test the idea, the initial costs were a little crazy. Now that we've got some interest, I think there's definitely an opportunity to bring those costs down. Classroom use... interesting! Like universities? Somewhere else?
Look awesome!
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I love this concept. I'm a big fan of easy to use ideation tools. Would love to learn how you were able to make the sticky notes. Great job!
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@philbiee thanks man, glad you like them! The concept was a "solve your own problem" situation. Actually creating the sticky notes was just a matter of finding someone local to print a small batch, testing them out, and tweaking the layout/size a little bit. Now that they're getting more interest, I'm looking into doing a larger run!
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