A collection of interviews with remote workers

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I was out in the garden a little while ago planting some veggies and got an alert on my phone about a traffic spike, totally didn't expect it to be from Product Hunt! Back story here is: I've been working remotely basically forever, mostly as a tech journalist, but recently doing marketing and content strategy. I think my only traditional office job was about 3 months working in a call center in high school. I think that because of increasing internet speeds and maturing communications tools, there is a high level of interest in distributed companies. I'm fascinated by how folks work remotely and how companies are making remote work, uh, work. So is my attempt to contribute to that growing corpus of knowledge. No real long term plans except to chatting with interesting people. I've been posting one interview per week on Mondays, but took today off (of course that's the day that will be the biggest traffic day!). Tomorrow I'll post a new interview, though, with Elise Keith of Lucid Meetings. If you work on a remote team or are building a distributed company, I'd love to hear from you! joshcatone [at] gmail [dot] com Happy to answer any questions here, too. :)
Love the domain: πŸ˜€
@rrhoover Thanks! I like to be comfy while I work. ;)
Oh cool, Leif Singer is one of the people interviewed. Great guy. Really talented :)!