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Hi, I'm Charles and I made Ozlo along with my co-founder @michaelrhanson and a team of other smart people here in Palo Alto and Seattle. If you want to try Ozlo sooner, go to our website at signup at http://ozlo.com?vip=producthunt By the way - Alex Kantrowitz at BuzzFeed has been using Ozlo for the last few weeks. You can see his experiences here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/alexkan...
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@okito @michaelrhanson so tell us what Ozlo is/does :)
@bentossell Ozlo is an AI bot that can help you find information and make decisions. We call him personal AI because he works for you - you can tell him about yourself and your preferences, tell him when he is right or wrong, and he will accommodate himself to you. He's different that most assistant/bots because he actually has his own internal model of the world, built by reading the content from many different apps and publishers. This allows him to have a deeper understanding of the questions you ask him and your own personal preferences. if you've tried any of the bots recently and found them disappointing, you'll see how Ozlo is a major step forward. You can see Ozlo in action in our opening blog post https://medium.com/teamozlo/intr.... Or signup and install the app on the App Store – we'll let you in as fast as we can. Also happy to answer questions here.
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@okito I feel like the video shows me what a bot launch SHOULD be
@bentossell Thanks! we have been working on Ozlo for a long time, but AI takes awhile. We're trying hard to under-promise and over-deliver.
@okito looks like a promising delivery so far ;)
I've been alpha testing Ozlo for the last week or so around SF, and it's saved me a bunch of time. It's fully replaced using the native Yelp app for me for restaurant recommendations (which the alpha is limited to, but I hear it will expand to much more) - asking Ozlo something like "Great sushi spots around here that are open for lunch" is so much faster than futzing around with Yelp's filtering UI.
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@callmevlad thanks vlad!
@callmevlad I've started relying on Hound pretty heavily for the same reasons. Much easier than dealing with Yelp :)
I've been a lucky early user of Ozlo and I find myself going straight to Ozlo more and more. It was one of those "ah ha moments" for me that made me realize what a crappy experience I'de been putting up with whenever I cross-referenced Yelp/Google Maps to find a nearby coffee shop or place to eat. Very excited to see where things go from here! Congrats to the team on getting this out there. (Disclosure: Greylock is an investor.)
I've also been a tester for Ozlo for a while now. What I really like is that I don't have to fumble between different apps to find what the star ratings from Zagat or Foursquare or Yelp. All that info is easy to get to AND it's done using the conversational syntax that I've gotten used to with other interfaces like Siri, Alexa or Google Now. Why do you guys believe that AI and the conversational interface is getting so much hype right now and what makes you think it's the right one?
@coreyo Hey Corey! You know it's a lot like what happened on the web - at first people were so excited about the web, they didn't mind having to find all the website they wanted manually and bookmarking them. After a while, there was so much information, you needed something to help you get to the right place –– and that is where Google emerged. We think we're at a similar point now with phones and apps. People are growing tired of trying to manage their own apps. You need a new starting point that is easier and more direct for the phone. AI and conversation are the most natural fit. It takes a long time to build an AI though. So although a lot of people are getting it now, I think if you haven't been working on something for a couple of years already, it's going to be hard to build something amazing.
Congrats on the launch Charles! Looks incredible. Let me ask you a tough Q -- if this DOESN'T succeed, why not?
@eriktorenberg Great question. Building an AI people will actually trust and rely on everyday is extremely challenging because building the first version is just the beginning. There is a lot that goes into keeping Ozlo fed with new information so that he continues to grow and evolve that we have to do a great job of. It depends a lot on getting good feedback from early users like you!